Dan Barrett

Sep 10, 2019

6 min read

A user manual for Dan (2nd edition)

Put a rug under me or I’ll break.

This post is about me and my preferences in my working life.

I wrote my first one of these in March 2018, which seems like forever ago.

I’ve just started a new job in a new organisation¹ and thought it would be timely to review and publish an update. I’m in an unfamiliar place and I figure anything to help people understand ‘me at work’ is a good thing.

The headings are taken from Cassie Robinson’s template which is a great place to start if you want to do this exercise yourself. I recommend it, although I found it a bit uncomfortable.

Conditions I like to work in

The times / hours I like to work

The best ways to communicate with me

Note that these are just my preferences. Meetings are fine. I can read and write emails. I can talk on the phone. It’s also going to be interesting to work in an environment with more remote and home working happening as a matter of course.

The ways I like to receive feedback

Things I need

Things I struggle with

Things I love

Other things to know about me


¹ I am the Head of Data Science at Citizens Advice.

² I still don’t have a scrapbook of wins, but I do have a cigar that I carry around with me for when a plan comes together.

³ Ok, many schemes.